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As Malaysia’s most recent on the web media portal, The Vibes aims to supply in-range confirming on tales and splitting media going on around us #FromEverySide. We are a media program for those striving to empower our audience to show their opinions to make educated selections easily. We support superb journalism joint venture specifications and envisions being the No.1 reports portal in Malaysia.

Malaysian Media #FromEverySide

The ‘Malaysia’ section features home-based reports and the newest problems happening in the nation. Learn with well-well-balanced confirming, fair opinions and reliable facts about Malaysia’s political advancement, economic and sociable matters. The Vibes turn speaks into motion by giving quality revealing #FromEverySide to construct a much better modern society.

Business Reports #FromEverySide

Be in the know with home-based and international business information in the Vibes’ ‘Business’ segment. Learn more about local business issues and better comprehend worldwide company issues, for example, international purchase, international collateral marketplaces, and global buy and sell. Go through posts around the latest financial and financial news, which helps you will be making much better monetary choices.

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International Reports Close At Hand

The Vibes’ ‘World’ segment keeps you up-to-date with foreign issues, diplomatic relationships and governmental issues worldwide. Expand your horizons with a multitude of topics, including federal politics and medical growth, to comprehend worldwide dynamics and their impact on domestic issues.

Sound Your Thoughts Easily

Find posts in the public, feel-tanks and industry experts on their landscapes about politics, traditions and science problems about the ‘Opinion‘ sector. We strive to give well-balanced sights to society to grow a progressive community discourse for a much healthier democracy. Learn with new and crucial views on problems that make a difference to Malaysians.

Sports News and Exercise Ideas On Hand

Stay knowledgeable with all the most up-to-date global sporting events and tournaments like hockey and baseball on our ‘Sports & Fitness’ segment. The segment also includes health and fitness and personal wellbeing tips for viewers to lead a healthier way of living. Find out about upper body workout routines and yoga and fitness positions that will help to maintain your own personal wellness.

For The Cultural Aficionados

The ‘Culture & Lifestyle’ portion capabilities report on artistry, videos and customs in Malaysia and worldwide. Be influenced by tales about historical past architecture, graphic disciplines, films and literature to spark your creativeness. Identify the latest social media trends or a film watchlist to fill up your weekends with fun and exciting activities.

The People’s Information Portal

Our company aims to provide correct and impartial reporting to create a much better country by connecting our energy of assortment and strengthening our distributed values of equality. Please support us in our hard work to make a diverse platform to encourage free joint venture speech and maintain journalistic integrity! Remain current with all the latest information and stories on The Vibes #FromEverySide.