Working Space Ways For Solopreneurs In KL & Selangor

Best Coworking Spaces to Check Out in KL & Selangor

Everybody change to be more dynamic. Hence, immensely changing everything, including working culture. Productivity is not measured through time-span of time anyone can stay put inside of an office but how effective they could work. Employers are changing their strategy for thinking to be exceedingly more progressive, letting employers operate in spaces that would prefer to support employees’ productivity, the brand new culture then develop nomadic society. This also has something to do with connectivity. Allow you to connect turns working mobile effortlessly. Thus, making co-working space to be on the increase now for a business continuity plan.

There are numerous coworking space within the Klang Valley area now due to the rate of digital nomads and freelancing as time passes. Coworking space simply means a shared workplace which will be usually occupied by individuals from various identities of the organization below the same roof. It can be as necessary as stocking a large table which has a fellow freelancer or having your private deck.

Colony among the many coworking spaces situated in Kuala Lumpur. Inspired by popular tech businesses that have unique amenities on their office, Colony realizes an opportunity to establish a better place of work in our own country. They feel that this proper serviced office is the secret to a healthy work culture.

Common Ground

Colony is known as a coworking space that echoes an equivalent ambience of any office. However, unlike a typical office, it operates on a serviced basis, forming a virtual office. Colony provides work areas including coworking desk space plus a personalized space for use in your company. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential, hence you may relieve your body’s stress in our own Sky Gym, alongside the pool. Also, we even offer a nap room and massage room for the days where working isn’t an option. Also, they offer an event rental space.

Common Ground is another option for coworking space fanciers. Their objective is to create the ideal space for you to connect with others and be successful. With style and professionalism in mind, Common Ground designed their workspace to be modern and unique while still retaining becoming a business-class amenities. Common Ground will quickly further grow their workspaces locally in Malaysia and overseas in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Common Ground, the ever expanding hub, provides several services in the establishment accessibility through their very own CG App to align with their goal to connect between communities by developing it simpler for people to connect through said application. Other services within coworking space, like complimentary refreshments, and also free workshops will boost both productivity and personal development. Let yourself have a different virtual office environment in Common Ground.

There’s another coworking space in the Klang Valley area called Worq. Space. Located in TTDI Damansara, this single-story, one-stop office space aims to develop customers’ maximum productivity as well as relating all of them with each other.

Customer’s happiness and overall satisfaction are within the heart of Worq.Space. Therefore, they feature a pantry service with a free flow of food, event spaces, benefits, community areas, fully furnished modern offices and a lot more.

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