Understanding E-cigarettes

Introducing E-cigarette

E-cigarettes or e-cigs are battery-operated devices that turn liquid nicotine into vapour. It’s intended to offer a similar experience to smoking without the tobacco burning involved, which is considered as ideal for smoking cessation. Regulation of e-cigs differs across countries since it’s still an expanding market.

The Origins Of E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes were created in China in 2003 by pharmacist Hon Lik who was moved to create the device after the death of his father who had the same bad habit as he does. The device come in many sizes and shapes by different brands including NanoSTIX. Physical attributes aside, they all function the same way by heating the flavoured liquid and vaporising it for the user to inhale.

E-cigarettes in the Cultural Zeitgeist

The device is currently having a moment, but it shouldn’t be dismissed as a trend. Since being in the market since 2003, the device has had its ups and downs. The current surge in popularity can be attributed to smokers who are concerned about their health but are still unable to give up their smoking habit. E-cigarettes provide a solution and middle-ground for those conflicted between the two.


A Variety Of E-cigarettes Types

These days, vape users are spoiled with choices with the wide selection of e-cigarette types. Sub-ohm kits, pod kits and starter kits are some of the e-cigarettes available in the market. This allows e-cig users to purchase any products that suit their needs. For instance, NanoSTIX is perfect for a person that prefers lightweight vape pens.

A Vape Pen for the Modern Man

Each brand may have varying designs but the core components of a vape pen include rechargeable batteries, liquid cartridges, a steel body, a heating element and the electronic circuit. To vape with a pen, the user breathes through the mouthpiece, activating the heating element that converts the liquid into an aerosol. This vapour becomes inhalable by the user.

Why Do People Vape?

The most common reason a person starts vaping is to quit smoking, but there are other reasons why a person uses e-cigarettes. Some people view vaping as a hobby and are interested in trying e-juice flavours from NanoSTIX, others vape to relax. Being in a vaping community is also one of the reasons a person vapes. For many e-cig users, vaping is a lifestyle.


Effects Of Using E-cigarettes

One thing that cannot be ignored when it comes to e-cigarettes is the health risks that it is often associated with. While there are ongoing studies to determine how they affect a person’s health, it still cannot be denied that it does lower cigarette usage. With that, a smoker also inhales a lower amount of chemicals.

Regulation Laws On Vaping

Countries all over the world have their methods in handling e-cigarette policies and laws. While it is fine to vape in some countries, others like Japan and Thailand have completely banned e-cigs. Using vape pens in Malaysia isn’t illegal, but it is prohibited to advertise it. Stricter regulation by the Malaysian government is expected in the future.

E-cigarettes, Vaping And The Future

Despite criticism, the e-cigarette market will continue to thrive. Both users and developers of e-cigarettes are much younger than the traditional cigarette industry. This provides room for product improvement and growth for the market. NanoSTIX is one of the major players in the market that will continue to bring the e-cigarette industry to new heights. Visit www.nanostix.com for more info.

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Emperikal: Helping Small Businesses Prosper In Malaysia

Help Make Your Brand Show Up Above The Crowd

Digital marketing agency Malaysia continues to become a rising trend as more businesses commence to go online. Companies, generally speaking, realise that the buyer market is gradually moving their online experiences to devices apart from the personal laptop, in particular, their smartphone and tablet. Thus rendering it of importance to businesses get started with thinking creatively concerning how to target their customers naturally as part of their everyday lives. An illustration of consumer behaviour trends is most likely the increasing amount of video content. More agencies all across Malaysia have begun seeing the significance in video marketing, as online research has revealed that most of the online surfers are spending the more significant part of their time viewing videos.

Emperikal is probably among the few agencies that are not surprised by the escalating trend. Malaysians through the ages of 12 to 60 years old are always web surfing, thanks to the disruption with the net being made accessible and economical all over this nation. Examples of a highly regarded marketing agency in Malaysia such as Emperikal, are familiar with the digital landscape allowing it to deliver meaningful business impact right into a business’s online strategy. Emperikal, a well established full-service digital marketing agency in Malaysia, is an excellent solution for your personal business needs. You may get unique ways to access world-class marketing resources available from its other sister agencies. The reality is, you won’t find it challenging to hire the aid of a marketing agency in Malaysia. However, never assume all marketing agencies are the same. Emperikal consistently tops its competitor’s thanks to it’s a data-driven approach to helping brands enhance their online visibility. Emperikal has established itself, and it has built up a well-known status as a recognised digital marketing agency in Malaysia.

Our digital services will align with offline marketing activities to create maximum synergy. We shall also consider regarding your clients, date of service or product roll-out, events and promotions when planning out your digital strategy. You’ll also have complete control over your financial budget spend along with your potential customers. Even more important, every dollar donated will be recorded, and you can easily calculate your ROI.


Emperikal that was formerly known as Consider Digital originally began with SEO and very quickly built a name as a trusted SEO company in Malaysia through their successes with their clients that include HSBC, M Group and Holiday Inn Penang to mention a few. Other than SEO, content marketing is usually a primary component for SEO to reach your goals. To boost the visibility of webpages on the search engines, websites must have to adhere to a criteria list that features original copywriting content and engaging content that will encourage click-throughs and social media shares. The pair of services go hand-in-hand, and Emperikal understands how to leverage on the two to achieve the maximum traffic to the internet site.

If you desire to convey more direct results in Malaysia, pay per click and display advertising that this online marketing agency provides can give immediate results by placing a web site right to the top Google results page. This increase a website’s traffic from day 1 with the goals of making more leads.

As known, social media marketing makes it possible to reach a large part of your market. Emperikal is considered the social website agency for your social media marketing in Malaysia. An assured social strategy on several platforms, for instance, Facebook and Instagram, is much more important than previously and can have a very major effect on the business.

The base of a company’s online presence is their website. The agency is doing a wide range of web design in Malaysia, all in close cooperation working with their clients. But it is not just the design of the web site; the agency has a team of the best professional web developers in Malaysia that will create a unique website.

As said before, digital marketing gives the ultimate benefit that traditional marketing doesn’t provide so quickly. This is a measurement of performance. Through tracking tools, for example, Google Analytics, data analysis provides valuable insights for businesses to create a better judgement with their next strategy. The analytics team at Emperikal are professionally trained and licensed to recommend changes for garnering more conversions, which may include changes to UX design and UI for encouraging the preferred action from the customer on your site.

Overall, the impressive set-up at Emperikal has allowed businesses to thrive through the help of Emperikal’s talented organisation. A good deal of effort has been placed into their recruitment strategy that has seen numerous gifted and experienced individuals join the widely accepted agency. For opportunities to work with this multinational company, watch out for any available digital marketing agency Malaysia jobs to grasp the secrets behind their ability to construct meaningful results.